Thursday, January 8, 2009

An example of just one of the funny SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS on Stumble Upon

Lucy has been hearing things from the Stumble Jungle of This is just funny but I'm sure it's a scam. There's this person/bot on SU going around sending a message here and there to presumably only women. It's happened to three ladies I know on SU so far. I'm guessing if you got hit with it and you're a man, it's just an accident. Check this message out:

''Look at ur beauty and contemplate on it, this is not a joke, it is god handiwork on you, you are so blessed with a wonderful structure and may almighty God always protect you and i want you to know that u are a lady of great virtue and i really understand ur integrity, u want to protect ur honour and uphold ur dignity my heart is always glad whenever i see u are a lady i really have a great enthustiasm for and ur exotic look has caused a great temptation to my soul am confused i cant restrain my hungry eyes from u because u have bring a cheering moment to my life. I will be glad to hear from you. pls i want to ask you if we can chat on yahoo messenger, this is my ID. ''

Now if you look this up, you at least know that you're not special and ''the only one''. I'm pretty sure it's an information pumping scam...or somebody that wants to get their rocks off with you. Anyway, be ever vigilant, my stumbling friends. Take back the night. Don't let the man get you down. Keep on trucking. Don't be a sucker. Of course, I can't believe anybody I know is insecure or naive enough to actually chat with this guy but for all of you strangers out there that might be...

PS: Can you believe the crunking spelling on that? Man is that crunked up.